Other side

Looking from the other side, simply observering the beauty at a distance. Many wishes flood the mind, but the past causes resistance. No time to get blind, life goes by in an instant. There is so much left to find, so move forward confidently in this meaningful existence. Continue reading Other side


Swiftly moving through the days, pushing us multiple ways. The calendar never remains the same, so we can’t let this moment waste away. The life wanted could be attained, but the directions will not be explained. Just know, the incline will bring pain, however the result will bring some type of gain. Continue reading Incline


The city that attracts many with hopeful dreams. Sadly, most will experience the true meaning. Things that glitter are not as gold as they seem. The huge contrast in lifestyles all fueling the machine. LA, the world’s largest green screen. Continue reading LA


The progress of these days appear to be hopeful, time to go out and remain mindful. There are things unknown ahead, so prepare the moment you get out of bed. Try not to underestimate, a heart full of love that is on a mission to elevate. Continue reading Elevate

Sign Of The Times

There are significant changes happening all around, but some modifications come with heavy clouds. These days are filled with so much confusion, which is sweeping many away with illusions. Though, the outlook foretells possible destruction, there is always a reason for the abrupt conclusion. Try to embrace the alterations, as it is the only way … Continue reading Sign Of The Times