The House of Dragonflies – Update

Hi Friends, I wanted to thank you all for the feedback on my recent short story. If you missed it, click here to read- The House of Dragonflies. After reading over my short story several times, I felt Draca’s story was so much more and needed to be told properly. So, I began to rewrite … Continue reading The House of Dragonflies – Update

The Real You

There once was a child born under a winter Sun and a winter full Moon.  She grew up in a world full of broken and sad people.  Drifting throughout this waking life, she too became broken and sad.  Though she became like those around her, she would often find herself during those wondrous sunsets and … Continue reading The Real You

Destined Love

Rushing, he pushes forward to grab his cup of coffee off of the barista bar. He realizes he is late and begins to walk briskly to the subway entry. He grabs his card and scans, it lights up red; not enough credit to take this train. His coffee in his hands is hot, his bag … Continue reading Destined Love