Make the good times last, by just letting yourself have a blast.

Start by releasing the past and give the present a loving splash.

Now you can let out your joyous laugh and live a positive life that is everlasting.

We Are All, Abundant

I recently heard an idea that mentioned, if we look around at nature, we will see abundance displayed without any effort. For instance, a tree naturally grows and releases its leaves or fruit, while the tree stands rooted in the earth, never ever moving.

Since you are from nature like a tree, you too can live abundantly, as you were designed to be. Start by finding a way to be still, be complete, and release the lack mindset. It sounds too easy, but maybe that is the point. So, stop complicating everything and just be abundantly you!


When looking back, you may find recurring themes pop up in your waking life and afterlife. The only difference between them is the date and time they exist in. This makes it worth while to analyze and decode to be an important message.

Whatever these patterns are, it seems they don’t stop and will be noticed when you are ready to see. If that is the case, then it would be best to simply enjoy the views that are unfolding and keep moving forward. After all, the biggest challenge in life is to not get stuck repeating yesterday.