Good Friday

Entering another day with memories of yesterday and a heart full of hope for tomorrow. The present was once an array of ups and downs, but lately it has become repetitive activities leading to sorrows. The more reflections that are experienced, the more upsetting emotions erupt to perspectives that are narrow.

Looking outward, however there aren’t many good things to truly follow. Turning within just to face everything that has allowed so much conflict and knowing it’s time to pay all that was borrowed. Like the sunset, this season goes down and somehow, the rise of the glory flows out living waters now.

On Track

Walking, just moving forward, but little was known about the final destination. There was total trust and love that filled internally, which fueled some inspiration.

The track that lead to this point is under review and the reflection causes a connection. Negatives to positives, and reverse, it all holds some satisfaction. This is the outcome of then into the now or at least, the conclusion.

Forest of Unknown

The March forward season once brought an unforgettable adventure with a dear friend. There was laughter, new sights, and a forest of unknown, but sadly it had to end.

As we entered that forest, each step brought an unknown to a known and there was a sense of accomplishment taking over. From walking through all the mud to climbing that hill to see the amazing view, there was so much joy and even some closure.

It seems the best way to find direction is to go somewhere new and follow a different path, one that is unfamiliar and strange. This will be challenging at first, however it will bring so much possibility and more importantly make room for beautiful change.


This is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah, who is always there for me when I need a new statue adventure.