The Girl With A Hidden Talent

Clutching her little notebook, she rushes onto the bus and scans her metro card. As she moves passing strangers, she finds an open seat and sits down next to the window. She opens her notebook and quickly scribbles her thoughts in her unique poetic way. Someone sits next to her and looks over to give her a compliment on her beautiful pages. The girl smiles and thanks the stranger.

Her stop approaches, she gets up and walks off. As soon as she got home, she pulls out her notebook and began to review what she wrote. Smiling at her work, she felt even more inspired to continue filling the blank pages with her poetry. The night came over the day and she feel asleep next to her little notebook.

She woke up, except now 10 years older and was living a cycle that had no space for a poetic moment. That little notebook she loved so much, was collecting dust on the bookshelf in her room. One day, her life turned upside down and she began to reflect on her steps to that point. As tears began to rush down her face, she looked up at her shelves showcasing smiling photos and some of her most prized possessions. Her teary eyes gazed throughout the shelves filled with a physical display of her life and there it was, her little notebook.

Pulling her notebook out of the shelf and wiping off the dust, she remembered what the stranger said to her on the bus. Wiping the tears away, she took this as the moment for her recovery to begin. As she looked back and read all the beautiul entries, along with the beauitful sketches and her photos that accompanied her words; she couldn’t help, but notice that she was missing this part of herself these past 10 years. There were many blank pages left, so she began to write and at first, it was challenging to begin. However, with a few entries, she was back to her poetic ways.

One day, she saw an ad online for a creative writer contest, first place was a $5,000 grand prize winner and well, she took a chance on her hidden talent. She felt her entry was honest and real, even inspiring. So, she smiled back at her work and clicked send.

Weeks past and she forgot about the contest, however she received a notice naming her as the winner! She was so excited and felt that this was the sign she needed to invest in her hidden talent. It was also in that moment, she realized losing herself was the only way to really find her purpose and so, she continued to write in her little notebook knowing she was sharing her talent like she was always meant to.

La Lune

Once a month, the full moon comes out to shine her bright, cold light during the starry night. She is exactly opposite of her counterpart, the sun and so when she is full, she is able to shine her brightest. During her complete phase, she reminds us that like her, we too will reach our fullest potential when the time is right.

Her destiny is to move in phases, as she dances across the sky. Sometimes she is blue, orange, pink, purple, and even red, but mostly she is silver. She is invisible on the most rare occasions and moves constantly to reveal multiple sides of her. The darkest hours are filled with her light, even if it’s just for a short while. She will always show us there is a process to this cosmic dance and light that lives within all of us, is there no matter what phase of life you find yourself.

Winter’s End

The last week of winter is upon us and gives us all a chance to spring forward. A new opportunity to grow in ways that were not possible over the past few seasons. Let’s all be supportive and kind to each other, we all have endured so much. Taking each moment as a chance to be great and making it the best we can. Enjoy this transition into a bloom of beauty and hope we get to see the next winter’s end.

Last March

So much happened in the last 12 months that reflecting on it feels like a decade has actually past by. Thankfully, a final adventure was had before the world flipped upside down. Those grey ice waters were terrifyingly beautiful and the northern lights were a spectacular view. In retrospect, the last trip memories provided much relief during the last year of endless lockdown.

As recovery appears to be on the horizon, the new year begins and a new perspectives arise. Here is to hoping this year brings back freedom, peace, and adventure, like the day this photo was taken – March 14, 2020.

Alaska 2020 Vlog

A Short Story of a Hopeless Romantic.

Although, love appears all around, the reflection is always alone. In photographs of a past adventures, the solo smile appears with an unforgettable background and no company in sight. From early on, the struggle to communicate to those few crushes lead to great let downs. There were a lot of sleepless nights painting the self unworthy based on those rejections, but still there was hope then.

It wasn’t until taking on seven years with someone and experiencing the rise and fall of love, that the thought of one true love became unrealistic. Knowing that the heart was forever in a calm place of solitude brought healing after the end of that chapter. So what then?

Well, years have past since romance was even present in this waking life and still time passes on. There are moments where the wishes start to bring their intoxicating power over the present outlook, but really they are only a temporary phase. The truth is the hopeless romantic has been let down too much to even want to try again. It really isn’t sad if you think about it, the losses already happened and the same hope is still here from back then.